Home Entertainment #SkeemSaam Wallet Enjoying Mjolo. Charles Green With Envy

#SkeemSaam Wallet Enjoying Mjolo. Charles Green With Envy

Wallet has been through a lot hey, it’s great to see him this happy, this relationship should continue for forever. Wallet is even driving her car, he won this mjolo thing.

Why is Charles calling Evelyn names, is it because she can speak English better than him and she makes his friend happy? Wallet is enjoying Evelyn’s company and will not let Charles guilt-trip him

So Meikie’s jealousy has sort of driven a wedge between her and NoNtombi’s friendship?After Lelo is done crying, Hell is gonna break loose.Phumeza is the girl,she’s dealing with lelo so nice…let’s give her a round of applause.

Mfundo was the one who put himself in trouble now he wants to blame Lehasa, and how is he going to pay rent if he quits his job. Meikie doesn’t want Wallet who’s now driving a beast of a car invited to a wedding.

Someone at the Seakamela’s is going to get hurt at the end of this DNA tests. Why can’t MaNtuli just sit her children down and tell them the truth? Pretty realized that getting the samples doesn’t mean she can get the DNA tests done.

Yho why can’t MaNtuli keep upcoming wins to herself? She literally blows the horn before anything happens, I hate people like this. She’s obsessed with proving a point to people who don’t do anything for her.