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#SkeemSaam’s(Motshabi Tyelele) Mary Matloga is in the same league as Shawn Mkhize, here is her wet worth

Motshabi Tyelele who plays the role of Mary Matloga on Skeem Saam is actually rich and many don’t notice that because she is old enough for living it out on social media. She has been in the industry for a long time and throughout the years she has accumulated great wealth for herself. She is richer than you would think.

Motshabi’s net worth is calculated to be US$20 million, which is over R292 million. She is almost as rich as businesswoman Shawn Mkhize whose net worth is about R300 million.

The difference is that Shawn Mkhize lives a lavish lifestyle because she’s still young and she enjoys showing off her assets, that is why she has a reality show.

Motshabi starred in many television shows including Yizo Yizo, ‘Nothing but the truth’ and Suburban Bliss. She is one of the best and she nails her current role on Skeem Saam and make it real. The way she plays Mary Matloga one would wish to have such a brave mother.