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Slay Queen Gone Bad As Rich Boy Throws Her Out Of Mercedes Benz V Class

The video footage shows an incident where a seemingly rich boy is fighting a slay queen who is basically getting comfortable with the boys, it seems like the incident had escalated out of control to such an extent where even the friends had to intervene because he was basically taking drastic measures and trying to throw out the girl.

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Members of the public on social media and they have went on to express their shocking disapproval at what is really going on, it is quite clear that the mixture of alcohol and partying can sometimes lead to events which are not wanted and this is exactly what has made many members of the public really upset at this incident because these events are quite common in the country.

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This is another incident which is going to be blown out of proportion and ordinary members of the public are going to make fun of it until they feel like they have done enough, because as much as it is not completely hilarious many people like to take such incidences seriously.