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Slik Talk Pokes Fun At Cassper Following His Defeat

In the wake of rapper Cassper Nyovest’s loss in the celebrity boxing exhibition hosted at Sun City on Saturday, controversial YouTuber Slik Talk has ceased the opportunity to make fun of the rapper.

Naakmusiq emerged victorious in the much publicized boxing match that was attended by the biggest names in Mzansi’s showbiz. Slik Talk, who lost to Cassper in 2021, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel soon after the rapper was defeated and made him a laughing stock.

One would have definitely anticipated that Slik Talk would weigh in on the match, and he did. Slik Talk who is no stranger to drama and dissing celebs said Cassper met his match this time around. The YouTuber who was in high spirits as usual, congratulated Cassper for organizing the match and said he wants to see a rematch.

“You found an opponent that was prepared and ready and he completely humbled you. I want to give a complete shoutout to Cassper for organizing this boxing event. Tonight was a celebration, you just got your arse whipped because you were too arrogant. You were posting your videos training, you took it lightly. First of all, You had one boxing match and you took this one lightly . Naak completely humbled you. I definitely want to see a rematch,” he said.

A lot of people initially thought Naakmusiq was not going to win the match. This is because he had not been training as much as Cassper, and he wasn’t as loud about the match as Cassper was. He still managed to win the match, however.

“Initially when I saw NaakMusiQ’s condition I thought this n*gga was going to get beat. When I saw NaakMusiQ he was looking like he was pregnant at the weigh in and I was like Cassper will beat this guy, but NaakMusiQ came out and showed out,” said Slik Talk.

Taking to his Twitter account Cassper also said he wants a rematch. Naak has yet to confirm his desire for a rematch. “What a f*king amazing nyt!!! Sun City packed to come watch boxing and it all started with a dream to bring boxing to the big stage. Took an L But we come back stronger. We will hear from the other team when they want da rematch, I say 3 Months would be enough and we get back in,” tweeted Cassper.

Despite Cassper’s defeat, many people have taken to social media to praise him for being a marketing genius.