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So painful: He died of covid and this is what he had to say before he passed on

To people who still don’t believe that covid is here and it’s killing people every day, then you need to watch the following video of a man who went live on Facebook after he was admitted to a hospital due to covid crying asking for help from people live on Facebook.

Luvoyo Edwana was a South African man from Johannesburg katlehong, who tested positive from covid and was admitted on Friday to a hospital. Luvuyo took to his social media account and shared a video of himself suffering from this virus, he then decided to go live as he was struggling to breathe and pleading with South Africans to help him in any way as he has a 4-year-old daughter and he didn’t want to die and leave his child.

Seeing a man cry and asking for help shows how painful this virus is, by just looking at his heartbreaking video you can tell that this man was in pain, and at that moment he would do anything just to get help from anyone as you can see how much he’s pleading for his life.

One thing you need to know about covid and hospitals is that it’s alleged that there’s nothing more they do for you, but only to give you the oxygen and it’s all up to you how far you are willing to fight for your life.

Luvuyo didn’t know he might die from this virus, like you at home you probably don’t think you can die of covid, but the question Is are you doing all the necessary things like wearing your mask when you go out, sanitizing at all times? if not then you need to start doing those things before it’s too late.

What’s important now it’s that let us save our loved ones, now it’s longer about you, but it’s about that baby you left at home, that granny you left at home does it for them if not for you. Imagine if a man like Vuyo can cry the way he does what about your mother who is over 60 years, who is fragile and in danger of easily contracting this virus?