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Social Grant Care Giver To Get R800 for the Next 3 Months See More Details Here

The R350 special Covid-19 social relief of distress grant will be extended for another three months. NEDLAC’s executive director, Lisa Seftel weighs in on this. Watch:
The social grant care giver must be rejoicing wherever they are. The government did not only extend athe R350 Covid-19 Grant for another three month but they working towards to giving care giver R350 too they feel lile even the care giver deserve it.
Last year social development were giving SASSA social grant care giver top up of R500 for 6 month. Last night President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended R350 Covid-19 Grand with another 3 months.
I was watching #Newzroom405 live dstv where the National Economic Development and Labour Council responds to #SONA2021 on the R350 grant and TERS. News reporter #HugoriBatika was chatting to Lisa Seftel, executive director of NEDLAC where sje revealed that they feel like even Social grant care giver deserve to get the R350 Covid-19 grant.
She revealed that the R350 Covid-19 grant is not a money that is coming from a taxpayer since they has been rumous that the finance minister Tito Mboweni will Increase taxpayers to the rich or billionnare workers. Lisa Seftel, executive director of NEDLAC reveaksed that the money that the government is using to pay unemployed in South Africa is a money coming from UIF. She explained that money come from workers and employed UIF in which at the end tje government invest.
This means that there is possibility and hope that social grant care giver will get R800 for the next three months. We know that SASSA give per child R450 plus R350 that the government want to give it to care giver, it means for the next three months per parents of caregiver will get R800. This is a good news.