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Somizi speaks on overcoming hardships

Somizi, who has been open about his tale of coming out stronger after losing it all, recently shared with Metro FM listeners how he was at his lowest but never gave up.

The star recounted how he once auditioned for the South African Music Awards (Samas) ceremony, but smudged his audition brief in the taxi on the way to the venue. I refused to give up. I did it with my own hands, the formation, and they came out. To date, we have had the best opening and closing ceremony. That, for me, says that anything is possible, nothing can stop you, if you have a vision. Nothing.

Somizi reflected on the impact the event had on him in a post last year, saying creative organiser Lebo M gave him an opportunity that transformed his life.

I had given up on ever choreographing anything when he called me and said, ‘Somizi I would like you to be the head choreographer for the Fifa World Cup opening and closing ceremony, and I know you can do it’.

Somizi has since gone on to achieve great success, particularly in the world of business and TV. He is now one of the most successful celebs in Mzansi, scoring a cooking talk show, shoe deals and launching a cookbook all within a year.

– News365