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Somizi Teases New Bae With Raunchy Snap

Somizi Mhlongo is the king of social media, and this time he has broken it again with a saucy nude photo, and fans believe he used it to hint at a new relationship.

The actor recently posted a picture of himself nude in the shower, cut off at the waist. He was turned around and facing away from the camera. Considering the angle of the photo, it is obvious that he did not take it himself, plus he was turned around.

Now fans want to know who took the picture. In his caption, he alluded photo credits to an indoor drone, but nobody is buying that explanation. And since nobody believes that he took the picture himself, this is how one plus one has resulted in fans being sure he is seeing someone new.

It’s quite simple, actually. He is completely nude in the picture, and in the shower. And there is a second party in the room with him. And we don’t know about you, but we believe it takes a certain level of comfort and familiarity to let someone take completely nude pictures. So, that’s the math. His new bae took a nude picture of him.

But who is Somizi’s new bae? He has been linked to many different guys in the recent past since his marriage with Mohale Motaung ended in a nasty public showdown. But according to the actor, most of the men he has been linked with are just his good friends. He is allowed to have male friends too, right?

As the speculation runs wild, Somizi is out here living his best life. He recently graced an end year party thrown by Boys in Heels SA. You guessed it; he was in heels, and yes, he absolutely killed it. He can rock heels harder than half the female population, and we stan. And as if that was not blessing enough, he shared videos of himself dancing in the shoes, and this is all we’ll say about that: He could definitely give Beyonce a run for her money.

Somizi is definitely loving his life right now. He just announced that he would be hosting the first ever horse racing event in Mzansi, and we are super excited for him. He has also been staying booked and busy, with a fully booked work calendar since he returned from his vacation in Dubai and New York City.

We will be waiting to hear what Somizi has to say about this saucy snap that has set tongues wagging on social media. But if it turns out that it was, indeed, a drone, many of his fans will be sorely disappointed. They really just want to see him happy, you know?