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Here is everything you need to know about Somizi wedding

Somizi has revealed he is engaged to his current boyfriend Mohale and we are all eager for the wedding.

Well ,courtesy of Tshisa Live here are a few things you nees to know about Somizi wedding.

Here is the List

It’s going to be a destination wedding
Although he was mute about possible locations, Somizi hinted that it would be exotic… and far!

“It’s going to be a destination wedding, it’s going to be very far, like a 26 hour flight,” he told Anele.

Everyone is invited!
One of the joys of having a wedding on the other side of the world and not down the road is that not everyone will be able to attend. That’s why Somizi says he is going to “invite everyone” he knows.

Even his haters will be there.
He joked that even his haters would be there, hanging from the ceiling like angels

“I’m going to have all the celebs and pay them to hang, like angels…there will be a thong harness,” he said with a laugh.

No film crews
If you are expecting a Top Billing wedding then you might just pass out from holding your breath. Somizi says the wedding will be so far, even the film crews won’t bother.

There will be a special dance
As the original choreographer GOAT, Somizi says the dancing is going to be lit AF! “A step is a standard, (even) ballerinas hanging,” he said, hinting at one hell of a show.

It’ll be even better than Minnie’s
Speaking to Media n December, Somizi said that he was inspired by Mrs. Minnie Jones’ nuptials, but wanted to go even bigger and better.

“My wedding would be 10 times Minnie Dlamini’s. Minnie is my inspiration like a fairytale.”

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