Home Celebrity Buzz Sophie Ndaba addresses ‘heartless opinions’ over her weight loss

Sophie Ndaba addresses ‘heartless opinions’ over her weight loss

Actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba has slammed distasteful comments surrounding her weight loss, which is part of battle against diabetes.

Sophie who has battled with diabetes for over a decade decided to take back her power by adopting a healthier lifestyle about a year ago.

At first the TV star’s weight loss was applauded, however she recently became the target of vicious comments, including HIV rumours.

Taking to Instagram Sophie said she would not let the negativity get the better of her and that she is proud of her weight loss.

“Some people sadden me because I have lost both my parents through diabetes, I nursed them so I know this killer disease. It’s real. No joke. Our fellow sisters and brothers commit suicide because of pressure of what you negative heartless people think. I stopped worrying what any negative person thinks long ago.”

Even though Sophie is used to dealing with the negative comments it sometimes hurts her.

“Just surprised that grown people share such heartless opinions. Where are the families that are praying and fasting for goodness and health. I’m fighting it daily to live for my children and family. God is my biggest partner in this fight then my hubby, friends and family.

Sophie also revealed that being overweight landed her in hospital.

“I’m an ambassador for those of us suffering from diabetes. And those who are obese but too scared to fight. I will never hide for anyone. Life too precious!”

Sophie who is now happily married to businessman Max Lichaba said she would continue fighting for her children and family.

Ever since the nasty comments went viral on social media, Sophie has received an overwhelming amount of support.

One person who jumped to her defence was Max’s ex Thandi Mavata who applauded Sophie for making a change.

“I admire her for choosing to lose weight, changing her eating habits, than to lose her life and leaving her kids without a Mother. I also pray that she keeps fighting for life and never care what people are saying on social media about her. People can go from loving you to mocking you when you’re sick or have lost weight, as if they’ll always be healthy. We are shameless. But if she dies they’ll post “diabetes is real guys” but they can’t support her now whilst alive.”