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South Africa in Disbelief As Minister Angie Motshekga’s Son Wants His Father to Die

The whole of South Africa is in shock over what just happened on Monday the 1st of March. There are many unusual things that the children of famous politicians do but some seem to exceed others. Almost most politician kids are rebels, the reason behind that is not known, we saw by the likes of Duduzani Zuma who continuously finds himself in the wrong side of the law. The only good thing about him is that he loves his father to death and will defend him every time. This is a different case with the minister of basic education’s son.

Angie Montshekga’s son Kabelo, who has multiple times found himself in tough situations has once again shamed the name of the famous minister. He took to Twitter to write what no one expected him to. He said that he wishes that his father would die very soon and he would go to his funeral with champagne to celebrate his death. This was shocking to many levels as no one has ever seen a person hope for his biological father to die. The reason behind this post is unknown but it has been trending ever since.

He continued to say that the fact of attending his death excites him rather than having to deal with his evil ways everyday. It seems that Kabelo was in a very emotional state when he wrote these words. He even found a picture of his father and posted it on his WhatsApp saying the exact same thing. It is not known what exactly the father did but he seems to very upset with him. He even wrote that he doesn’t understand how a man who is so educated can be so stupid.

Even though he clearly posted the fact that he wants his father dead, he did mention that he will not take matters into his own hands. He says that he is hoping that covid-19 deals the final blow. It seems like South Africa keeps on getting stranger everyday. He posted these things on his Instagram bit later decided to remove them from his official page. It is not known if someone talked him into removing the pictures or he regretted what he wrote.

The minister of basic education has not said anything on the matter. It seems like the news have not travelled that far as yet. Kabelo has been found to be on drugs in several occasions. At one point he attacked his mother’s car while very high on drugs. There is a huge possibility that he is back on doing hard drugs because his actions make no sense. The father has not said anything as well but its still early days and the story is slowly unfolding. We will update you when more information is received.