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South African celebrities who smoke weed

Weed was once an extremely furtive activity hidden from the world. At the same time, medical marijuana advocates and weed industry educators have been the driving force to get weed legalised. One unexpected cultural force has been the growing number of female celebrities smoking weed.

Much in the same way that the fashion world is embraced, when it’s done by someone who’s relatively successful, smoking week is portrayed as light fun, a form of self-care or just relaxing. However, in the event of controversy, its more likely used as an indicator of moral failure. Furthermore, whether someone is glamorizing weed or simply advocating for it can land differently depending on who is hearing the sentiment.

Regardless of how you feel personally about weed, there is a growing contingent of female celebrities who smoke weed or have openly chatted about their past consumption.

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild was born into a musical family, with her mother being a hip-hop producer. And her mother is a jazz singer, and her cousins Kwaito singers. Sanelisiwe Twisha is a musician and dancer. She is also famous for her blue hair. The musician is regarded as a sex figure and is unapologetic for flaunting her body on social media. She also loves speaking freely about sexuality. However, she shared on her Twitter account that she smokes weed, but she doesn’t use cocaine.

Pearl Thusi

The former Real Goboza presenter apparently became furious when she noticed someone taking photos of them, so much so that she reportedly chased after the man before smashing his camera.

The publication quoted two sources who insist that Pearl was smoking weed.

Zodwa WaBantu

She has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. She made waves on social media regarding her breakup with her now ex-boyfriend after she publicly accused him of being a scamster.

She has her own show called – Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored.

Zodwa smoked weed, and she was very open about it to her fans. She even posted on her Facebook page that “l will stop smoking weed the day my eyes can see my ears”.

In the video, she is seen smoking weed and from Dladla’s laughter, you could tell that he was also intoxicated. She can be heard threatening that she will smoke people like she smokes weed.


Emtee has reportedly admitted that he’s been smoking weed since 2012, but is still adamant that it was not the cause of his recent fall on stage.

In an interview with Drum magazine Emtee explained that his fall was a result of exhaustion as opposed to the rife speculation that it was caused by substance abuse. “I didn’t fall because of being high. I have collected awards, I have done interviews, written songs and performed while high on weed and that was never a problem,” said Emtee.