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South African Celebs Who Accidentally Killed People

We often rad about the sad stories of celebs losing their lives to accidents or domestic abuse. The likes of Simba Mhere who died in a car crash and Flabba who was stabbed by his partner.

But not often do we hear about celebs who accidentally or otherwise killed people. We are not sure why some of the cases are not as publicized. But in case you didn’t know, these following celebs accidentally killed people.

Manaka Ranaka

The actress accidentally ran over a school girl in Durban who was crossing the N3 on foot back in 2015. Manaka revealed in an interview that she had visited the girl’s family to apologize.

Judith Sepuma

The singer ran over and killed an elderly person back in 2013 in Soweto. Judith said in an interview that she has been in contact with the deceased’s family ever since.

Jub Jub

Back in 2010, Jub Jub and his friend killed four children, injuring two close to a School. Both were under the influence when the accident happened. Jub Jub spent a few years behind bars.

Oscar Pistorius

Whilst Oscar’s case is a bit different as he was convicted of premeditated murder of his then ex girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp. He maintained it was accidental.