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South African Celebs Who Were Accused Of Cheating On Their Partners

Cheating whilst famous never ends well. If it’s not the fans who find out and expose the celeb on social media, it’s the significant other going on a social media rant blasting their cheating partner unprovoked.

And in 2019, nothing has changed. Not even social media has stopped these famous stars from looking outside their publicized relationships. Whether it makes you question your loyalty to your favorite celeb, makes you cringe or flat out embarrassed for their victims, you know everyone’s talking about and judging them.

Check out some of our local celebs who were accused of cheating on their partners below.

Black Coffee

The Award winning DJ has been accused multiple times of cheating on his estranged wife Enhle Mbali. The couple are currently in the middle of a divorce.

Thomas Msengana

Months after announcing split from Thomas, Unathi revealed it was because the Bad Boy T had cheated on her.

TK Dlamini

Jessica Nkosi accused her baby daddy of cheating on her with an Instagram model

Malusi Gigaba

The former Minister of Finance had one of the most public cheating scandals when his former side chick Buhle Mkize went public with their affair.

Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa was accused of cheating on ex husband Atandwa, later he found out their twin boys were not his.

Amanda du-Pont

A few years ago Cassper revealed that his short lived romance with actress Amanda had ended because she had cheated on him.