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South African Healthcare worker opens up about the side effects she got from the vaccine

As we know, the vaccine rollout plan already started and frontline workers have received their vaccine. Citizens were curious to know about the side effects of the vaccine. Luckily one health care worker from KZN cane forward and gave a detailed report of her symptoms in an interview.

Sarisha Singh, from Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital opened up about how she felt from the second she got her shot for 3 days.

In the interview she talked about the evening after her shot she started to feel symptoms such as a headache and extreme fatigue.

The next day, body aches and an increasing temperature sent her home early from work.

Three days after receiving her vaccine, she reported that her symptoms had gone and she felt rejuvenated with her energy levels returned to normal.

She said it started with a Mild headache after getting the vaccine. She said it was nothing serious able to cope with activities at home The headache intensified and now a mild sore throat and extreme fatigue, at this stage I took a Pando. she started experiencing extreme fatigue so she retired to bed.

When she woke up she was sweating and feeling cold but her body was in serious pain. She said “till awake and the myalgia (body pains) intensified. Did some deep breathing exercises and fell asleep. Rose from my slumber to get ready for work, felt like a bus hit me.Body ached, felt tender.”

She then said that after 2 days everything changed and all the symptoms and side effects were gone. And she is encouraging people to take the vaccine.