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South Africans Must Be Crazy, See Male Celeb’s Pictures Currently Going Viral

Tell you what; I think South Africans are the craziest out of all other Africans… If you disagree, I beg to slap the thought out of head by this article.

A new application is on the roll and it’s taking South Africa by storm and south Africans are down for it big time and they make it even more crazier than it is… The app is called FACEAPP.

The app works by changing any face of any human, from it original features to any other human face feature.

Like this:

Guess who’s that… Can you tell? That is AKA, she has been… Or should I say He has been changed to this beautiful amazing lady (I would definitely date her… Lol… If she was, Oooh… If he was as beautiful as that).

Now the South African people thought to themselves that they should just change their South Africans Celebrities into girls, and the pictures just went all viral, became something like the talk of the town.

And I am here for that… I have collected all different pictures of SA Male Celeb’s that their faces have been changed and all the crazy vibes of the South African people.

Read and have your day made:

Yoh!… Look at that, wouldn’t you be tempted to kiss and tell??? (Haaaaah)

What rocks me the most about this picture here; are lips… Lord God!!!… The lips anetshebe!

Yoh! I would marry her straight… Put the ring on that shit and make HIM a wife… No! Excuse me!, I meant SHE.

Looks like everyone is loving aunty TIRA… Aunty Bherings… Shikshikthha!!!

Mmmmh, this is bad, just bad bad bad. I am lost of words.

Some are seeing Mama Jack! Lol…

Look who you see next:

Definitely a bad B**Ch, the one who carries a knife and knows every gangster around… Nobody ever thinks of starting her, or else you will find your self in some deep deep sh*t