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Straight soapville actors who play gay characters

The entertainment industry especially soapville involves taking characters that are a far cry from one’s personalities. It only shows how much flair an actor has. Many a time soapville actors have shocked fans by playing roles older than they are and vice versa or by taking on gay roles when they are in fact straight. Here is a list of some of the actors that execute their gay roles flawlessly despite being straight.

Senzo Dlomo from Generations
Masses are in awe when they realise that Thami Nqolo playing Senzo Dlomo the gay son to Sibusiso Dlomo has a wife. His conviction to the role had everyone fooled into thinking he was actually gay. The actor’s marriage to Jo-Anne Reyneke however is short lived and the two continue to co-parent their beautiful bundle of joy.

Jason Dlomo from Generations
Playing Senzo’s lover, Jason, their onscreen romance was one that seemed realistic. Despite Sibusiso not approving of their union, Jason continues to be the best son in-law to Ngamla. However the actor was only doing this for the screen and is actually straight in real life.

Chumani from Scandal!
Scared to come out of the closet as a teenager, Chumani executes his role flawlessly. Despite making fans believe his chemistry with Tshepo was real, it was all for the camera. In reality the actor is still in mourning as his girlfriend dies in a car accident a few years ago.

Tsepo from Scandal!
His relationship to Chumani is worth noting and one which Scandal fans will always live to remember. However, the actor is in a relationship and his girlfriend and his twins make a cute family. Every time they pop up on our timelines, they make it a point to leave us drooling.

Khulekhani from Rhythm City

From his messy relationship with Jamaica, the businessman tries to lure Sufocate‘s son into his lair. Despite being married to Nandi, a woman who leaves heads turning every time she shows up, Khulekhani continues to find means to satisfy his gay appetites. All this is for show as the actor in reality is married with kids.