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Stranger Grabs Kairo At The Mall

DJ Zinhle recently took to Twitter to open up about a creepy encounter her toddler, Kairo, had at a mall. According to Youth Village, the mom shared that when Kairo was at a mall, a stranger allegedly grabbed her.

“Had a horrible experience at the mall just now. It doesn’t matter how famous or familiar Kairo’s face is. It is still not okay to walk up to my child and grab her.Please realize that even if you’re a fan, you’re still a stranger & as a parent, I will react,” she tweeted and then deleted the tweet.

This is not the first time Kairo has had a weird encounter at a mall, in 2017, Zinhle told Z’khiphani how a couple once attacked her nanny because she didn’t allow them to take a picture with Kairo.

Kairo, who has more than 300 000 followers on Instagram is fast becoming more recognisable. A couple of weeks ago, her mother shared a video of the young star deejaying.

Source: ZAlebs