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Taxi wars getting worse after Uncedo Taxi Chairperson Diki Zamani was gunned down

On Wednesday three people were killed in Cape Town in what is expected to be an ongoing taxi rivalry. This happened after some taxi routes were threatened to be closed due to persistent attacks which have resulted in the death of 76 people since January 2021. Since then police officers have been deployed in the area but things seem to be getting worse after Uncedo Chairperson Diki Zamani was gunned down.

Reports say that there are continued engagements with various taxi associations after these incidents. The Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula is expected to be part of the meetings so that solutions are brought to the table as soon as possible.

The police in Cape Town are also questioning the death of their fellow officer who died during a taxi-related incident. Investigations are ongoing and the police say they chased the suspects who shot at the Taxi on Thursday.

Mayor Dan Plato calls on taxi associations to stop the ongoing wars and violence. This interrupts public transport and where fatalities occur it is even worse. He adds that the City of Cape Town will not accept such conflicts.

Taxi wars in Western Cape have reached a peak after eleven people have been reported dead in the past few days. This has happened whilst South Africa is in a state of chaos after looting and violence commenced following the arrest of the former President Jacob Zuma.

The cases of looting and violence have escalated in many cities which have resulted in killings. The state informed the public that it is going to deploy soldiers so that they can deal with perpetrators.

– Savannanews