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TB Joshua’s Multimillion Glass Coffin Causes a Stir As He Is Buried In His Church

T.B. Joshua has been escorted like a president during their march from their prayer mountain to SLOAN church. He was escorted by a fleet of high-end motorcycles and automobiles.

The pastor’s body was being carried in a multimillion-dollar glass casket, and many people were able to see it as they walked by.

TB Earlier, Joshua was seen wearing a white suit and touring numerous buildings before being allowed to properly retire for the night. While they were singing, the congregation followed behind them. Joshua’s slaves surrounded the coffin, and they were seen saluting him at various points throughout their trek to the graveyard.

At Mount SLOAN, the servants led the congregation in prayer, and everyone desired that Joshua would be taken directly to paradise. After a sufficient number of prayers, TB Joshua was returned to the church, where members of the congregation came to inspect his body. The body was eventually moved from the glass coffin to a wooden coffin, where it remained until the funeral. We’ll let you know as soon as he’s laid to rest. Joshua, may you rest in peace.