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“Teachers are urged to look at her through a parents eyes” People Debate Over Girls Skirt

The debate over what is deemed appropriate school uniform is one that has been going on in South Africa over the past years. Particularly the length of school girls skirts has been the one in question the most.

The debates revolve around what should be considered the appropriate length of school skirts and dungarees that girls were. Those that argue against the regulation of the skirts length argue that school girls are kids and must be considered and looked at as such by all adults including school teachers.

Whilst those that recommend regulating the length of skirts argue that some male teachers get affected when school pupils were skirts and dungarees that are too short.

A debate sparked on twitter over the picture of a girl in her uniform attire and seating down. Some users had rather inappropriate things to say, they expressed how they viewed her as an adult. However, some users came to the girls defense and stated that a school child is just that, a school child and whatever they may be wearing, or the length of what they are wearing shouldn’t take away from that.

One user tweeted “Teachers are urged to look at her ngehlo lomzali” whch means she is a child to teachers and must be viewed as such.

Another tweeted “Mina ngibona intombi nje la akukho ngane la” – this basically means that he views her as an adult.