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The Alleged Evidence for Corruption of The Hawks in South Africa

South Africa is well aware of the fact that the Hawks are the most elite investigative team in the country. The team is a subdivision of the South African Police Service that is dedicated to the expert investigation and finding out the root of most crimes in South Africa. They have really done a great job as far as solving many cases of corruption in the country. This has set a standard for criminals to be afraid of the Hawks but lately, something very scary has been popping up.

The team that is supposed to be protecting the country against organised crime has been reported more than once to be part of the problem. Recent allegations have stated that the Hawks themselves are the ones busy planting false evidence and working with those that are corrupt to try and gain from them. This is not the first time such claims were made, but most people did not really believe them but so far it is easy to say that where there is smoke, there is fire.

A lot of smoke has been around the investigative team. In recent days, the self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said to South African media that the Hawks were extorting him for cash. He said it started while he was still in South Africa before his arrest. He claims that they came to him several times asking for money so that they can protect him if he ever has to deal with an investigation. He did not take the bait as he told them he is a man of God and respects the law. According to Bushiri’s claims, weeks later, they came and arrested his wife and he ended up handing himself over as well.

All this was done to make sure he paid the price for refusing to give him money, that’s what Bushiri said. No one took him seriously, so he decided to escape the country and go to Malawi because he claimed that the Hawks would give him an unfair trial. The second case to accuse the Hawks of foul play was Norma Mngoma, previously known as Norma Gigaba during his marriage to Melusi Gigaba, the former minister of home affairs.

Norma claimed that she had very solid evidence of the involvement of her ex-husband Melusi Gigaba with the infamous Gupta family. According to her, she saw him bring back bags of money multiple times from the Gupta household while they were married. She claimed she would present all this evidence to the state capture commission. In June last year, she was arrested by the Hawks, this arrest has now been ruled unlawful by the court. This means that the Hawks illegally arrested Norma.

During her arrest, information was downloaded from her phone and then deleted. This according to Norma was the proof about Gigaba and the Guptas. Even though she was later released, She never got the information back and that really hindered the evidence of her testimony against the ex-husband. According to her, the Hawks are working with Gigaba to try and silence her before she proves her testimony.

All this has proved that there is a side of the hawks that continuously does illegal activities. This then raises the question of how many Bushiris and Normas never got the time to speak out about the corruption of the Hawks? Could the Hawks be part of the problem now in the country?

What is your take on the matter, do you think the two people are speaking the truth about the Hawks or are they lying? Do you believe there is some corruption going on?