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The biggest Pun_ni in the world revealed

Apart from the scorching weather patterns, the Northern Cape is known for its biggest man-made structure called The Big Hole.

Also known as Kimberley’s Big Hole, this is the site to the world’s largest diamond rush, and famous for its huge structure and wealthy discoveries.

Another structure that can be likened to it is the world’s biggest pun_ni.

According to history books, the world’s biggest v_gina belonged to Anna Swan.

Known as the “Giantess from Tatamagouche”, with a height of 2,4m, Anna had a pun_ni that measured 48cm in circumference.

To put this in a visual context, her pun_ni’s circumference was almost the size of a rugby ball, and this is not where the record stops. Anna is also in the history books for delivering the biggest infant in the world.

With the newborn measuring at about 23 pounds (just over 10kg), Anna’s records epitomized the idiom of hitting two birds with one stone.

-daily sun