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The city with the most expensive Magoshas revealed and how much they charge per hour

They are often referred to as the ladies of the night, ors_x workers if you want to be politically correct.

Despite your reservations about them, many countries around the world have legalized this trade.

Often seen as a left-of-the-spectrum trade, this fun, and satisfying industry has become an economy on its own.

For instance, according to a recent report in The Economist publication, the city of Boston has the world’s most expensive magoshas.

The graphic and detailed report by The Economist noted that immigration patterns and technological developments had made this a lucrative industry.

The report noted that the ability to track these costs and patterns had been made easier as prostitution was no longer something that simply happened in the dark alley in a rough part of town.

Boston has made prost!tution more sophisticated today, thanks to the Internet and smartphones.

Boston, with its $375 hourly rate on average, was on the highest end of the hourly cost scale along with Seattle, San Francisco and Singapore, all cities with high costs of living.

Simply put, Boston magoshas charge on average R5 670 per hour for a good time.

Can you afford it?

-daily sun