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The Coffin Used To Bury A Zimbabwean Millionaire Has Caused A Stir On Social Media

Members of the public are completely shocked by this funeral of a Zimbabwean man who seems to be in a situation where he has a lot of money, to such an extent where they have even created a custom coffin for him to be buried in.

This custom coffin even has a vehicle on top of it so this is something that has shocked a lot of people, we are aware that a lot of famous and rich people often request certain things to be done at their funerals, and that may include such bizarre things as this one.

But this one is one of those that are topping the charts of the most bizzare funerals ever because of how the situation is, and many people are even wondering who this particular gentleman is and how he died all of a sudden. Having seemingly been in his prime but apart from that people are more concerned with the fact that he has asked for one of the most bizarre funerals, that is shocking on so many levels.

We can clearly admit that this is one of the strangest coffins that we have ever seen and we have seen some very strange coffins being used by a lot of these individuals, so this is something that is truly shocking for many people.

Leading to a situation where they are even wondering who this man truly is to even ask for such a display, it is funny how sometimes people live very admirable lives but then eventually they die. But what is shocking to many people is not the fact that they died, but the fact that they get so famous after having died just like this man here whose funeral has definitely made him very popular.

Most notable figures have even went to become more famous after having passed on, the likes of Ginimbi and that should tell you something about how people react to certain situations.