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“The Country Will Go On Another Lockdown From The 1st Of December To 31 January”

The number of people that tested positive for the corona virus are getting out of hand, ever since the implementation of Level 1.

In order to reduce the number of people who have Covid-19, the country will have to go on another nationwide lockdown.

The country might go on another lockdown starting from the 1st of December and it will end on the 31st of January.

The government officials know for sure that the cases of Covid-19 will increase drastically. People are already acting like there is no deadly virus that is wrecking havoc around the world. There are 100% certain that if there is no lockdown, the cases will continue to increase.

However, if the new cases decrease, the officials might consider letting the idea of the lockdown go.

People are not pleased with these news because they obviously want to enjoy summer and the festive season. But , it is for the better.