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The Ferguson ladies video goes viral

There’s nothing as beautiful as having a fluid relationship with a parent.

Some children really do appreciate their parents’ goofy and care-free sides, because it is more enjoyable when a situation calls for a jovial mood.
Recently, the Ferguson ladies were in a jovial mood when they showcased their dance routine at the comfort of their own home.

In a video posted by esteemed actress and television producer, Connie Ferguson, she can be seen dancing away with her sister and two daughters.
The caption indicated that this is something that they do on the down-low – when Shona Ferguson is not at home.

Connie has previously mentioned that she is immensely proud of her daughters, Alicia Ferguson and Lesedi Matsunyane. These three ladies share such a strong bond and it is easily palpable on their Instagram pages.

Lesedi is heavily involved in the family’s production company, Ferguson Films. She works mostly as a production co-ordinator and actress in some of the productions.

This is another aspect of their relationship that gets nourished; they are working hard to preserve the wealth of the family. All hof this whilst making a difference in the world of the Arts, through their bodies of work, including The Queen, Igazi and The Imposter (to mention a few).

– ZAlebs