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The Fergusons In Hot Boiling Water After The Queen Is Slowly Sinking Ship

The Queen producer Connie Ferguson is reportedly struggling to keep the ship abroad ever since the death of Shona Ferguson. Within the space of a week, two main characters on the show have left.

SK KHoza, who acts as Shaka Khoza was fired with immediate effect following the case of abuse he has against his now ex-fiance. Shortly after, Cindy Mahlangu, who acts as Siyanda resigned from the show. Now word on the streets is that Abdul Khoza will replace his brother SK Khoza on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen.

Connie Ferguson is now faced with the task of steering the ship alone without Shona. She has found herself being compared to Mfundi Vundla who was infamous for firing 16 Generations fans.

Many felt Abdul Khoza should join The Queen as Shaka

Connie Ferguson now finds herself with major pain in the flesh to replace the two main characters who played a pivotal role in the show. Some people have suggested that SK Khoza be replaced by his biological brother Abdul Khoza.

Many people felt if Abdul is to accept the role of Shaka, it would be the ultimate betrayal to brotherhood.

Some felt this is strictly business and there should be no bad blood between the two.