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The First Ever Made Volkswagen Citi Golf Hearse In Mzansi

No body loves funerals, but there is nothing we can do about it, people die each and everyday and we have no choice but to arrange that funeral. It is something we all fear, yet there is nothing we can do about. Even if the person was too I’ll or too old, the fact that we may never see that person again is unbearable

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A funeral is a last way of saying goodbye to our loved one, it’s just sad they can’t say the same to us. There are many things people do to show respect and a perfect farewell to the deceased, some people buy expensive cuskets and coffins to lay their loved ones to rest in

Expensive hearses are hired to carry their love ones to their final home, some people are even buried with cars and expensive jewellery to show their heartfelt gestures. The most popular hearses that transport the coffins are vans and SUVs, the simple reason is that they are big and had enough room for a coffin

But what if you wanted your loved one to take their last ride in one of the most loved car in South Africa, the Volkswagen Citi Golf, would it be possible? Surely a Citi Golf is way too small for that kind of job, but it wouldn’t hurt to try, in a matter of facts, South Africa has made it possible