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The former president of S.A caught red handed and can’t deny all the corruptions he did

This looks like someone the whole of south Africa if not the world knows and the fact that he was the president still doesn’t make sense to some of the citizens mostly the white population.

How did he become the president to begin with and not only once but he manage to even run for the second term even though his corruption files was out for everyone to see.

This has proven that ANC must be buying votes because this can’t be that the most corrupted political party in south Africa wins every single term.

The former president of south Africa is not a great leader and never have been and for him to be the front of the country whom the young people should learn from but he does things that are out of line.

Firstly he has many wives and that just teach the young generation that it’s ok to be in multiple relationships at the same time.

And for him to be dating women much younger than his age when others are trying to teach females to work for themselves and forget about the “blessers”.

He is just promoting what the society is trying to fight and it’s just so wrong that even to this day when the country knows that he has used the government money for his own use he is still roaming free.

South Africa need a better leadership and its not the ANC that can take this country to the next level and if the people don’t don’t change thier vote then south Africa will just be as it is with nothing interesting about it.