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The Gqom Queen Babes is beautiful even after days after just giving birth

Bongekile Simelane famously known by her stage name Babes Wedumo (the baby of entertainment) is a gqom singer and dancer the is no doubt about her beauty.

When she started her music career around 2016 with the hit song Wololo the first thing that most people noticed was her beauty and her vibrant personality, the colorful hairstyles that she always has.

Babes’ volume is an inspiration she has made it known to her fans that she is not fluent in English, but that does not stop her from reaching her dreams and becoming what she wants in life.

What I love about her is that she sometimes makes fun of the fact that she is not fluent in English so that people can not use it to bring her down.

The entertainment industry can be emotional that is the reason why entertainers need to get counseling now and then so that they don’t become depressed.

The gqom queen has not had it easy in the past years because it was alleged that she is in an abusive relationship following the video that that babe shared showing was looked like Mampintsha hit her hard on the face.

But she and Mampintsha came through when it looked like the was no hope for their relationship to survive from such publicity this year they both welcomed their first child together, and he also paid the bride price for babes (lobola).

Babe’s recently shared a picture of herself weeks after giving birth and I must say that she looks flawless and beautiful her skin was flawless

She has always been beautiful but looks like motherhood looks good on her, and she is not afraid to dress up and look beautiful.