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The importance of communicating with your ancestors

Umsamo is a traditional sacred place, it is a hut that is built exclusively to communicate with the ancestors. In rural areas these huts are common and can also be seen in few houses in a township where people still believe in ancestors. People communicate with their ancestors for different reasons such as informing the ancestors of a traditional ceremony that they want to perform, or to ask for good luck on something, protection or just to thank them.

There are times when the family will experience bad luck with their sacred place, where they will try to appease the ancestors but only bad things will happen. It is believed that when they go through this it is because one family member has used bad umuthi to attract ancestors to only work for him and not for the others.

When this is done it can lead to family members dying if they perform traditional ceremonies. The one that used umuthi gains power and life goes well, and he can use the dead family members to his advantage and they can turn their backs on other family members.

When the family is aware of the wrong doing on their sacred place they can ask for the help of a traditional healer who can reverse it. It is important to note that this may have bad implications to the person that did it or may lead to his death if he persists in doing it.

Protect your msamo, it’s the most sensitive space ever to allow outside family members to play in.