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The importance of going to spiritually initiation schools

Some gobela treat the training of an apprentice Sangoma as something simple which they should begin and end at the quickest time possible.

it won’t take you years training a Sangoma because our tradition is oral,is very long and complex and big and you cannot finish it within a few months of having trained him or her.to think that the person you have trained is a Sangoma,no.

Your apprentice must be trained in many different ways of divination, your apprentice talents of prophecy must be honed to the sharpest possible edge.

You must teach your apprentice as much of the history of the African people as you can. he or she must be versed in our mythology our like and dislikes. he or she must be versed in the working of the human mind. and possess the knowledge of the well over 7000 different kind of healing, healing herbs, that are in southern Africa veld.

Remember that they are very old spirits and they may take time to respond, listen to your intuition/heart. pay attention to your dreams because they are kings and queens. And they will only convey the message once.

for them to repeat what they told you,you gonna pour that snuff. dig deep in your family lineages. you gonna be very wise. everyone is destined for greatness.