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The interesting & personal facts about Xolile Tshabalala we didn’t know

Xolile Tshabalala aka Julia Motene was one of South Africa’s most favourite super-bitches on television, she’s ranked high up there with the likes of Ntsiki Lukhele played by Pamela Nomvete when it came to the most hated yet loved women on television.

In case you missed the interview, Xolile Tshabalala was on The Fresh Breakfast show on Metro FM recently and the actress dropped a few interesting facts about her that had us in awe of her, not just as an actress but as a human being.

There were also those light-hearted facts about her that we thought were cute. In a world where most of us dread doing our laundry, let alone with our bare hands, Xolile prefers to wash her laundry by hand, as she enjoys doing things manually.

She was born in Vrede in her grandfather’s bedroom, this was also the birth of a very special bond between her and her grandfather who instilled a lot of great life lessons to the young Xolile, even though he passed away when she was only 12-years-old.

During the interview on Metro FM, Xolile went in depth about how powerful her bond with her grandfather has been, even to this day.

The actress explained that every job she got is because her grandfather approved “If I don’t get a job it is because my grandfather doesn’t approve, I don’t go to jobs, jobs come to me,” she said.

We also did not know that Xolile was once pregnant but had a miscarriage, a situation that also involved her late grandfather.

“I was pregnant and I remember my grandfather did not approve of the person I was with. I remember I was sleeping one day and I had a dream and my grandfather said ‘ngizoza ngizothatha umntwana’ (I’m coming to take the baby) I had a miscarriage that day. My grandfather approves, that’s how I live my life,” she shared.

Xolile also confirmed that she is gifted meaning she hears and sees things within the spiritual realm.

“I don’t have to go ngiyo twasa, it’s built in me, it’s been in me since I was born.”

She also shared an interesting story about her gift when she was attacked during a house break-in recently.

“I have a gift, people broke into my house the other day, four men, and one of them who actually attacked me, I looked at him and I said ‘your mother needs you to stop,’ and he started screaming and instead of them attacking me they ran away out my house, yeah I’m gifted.”

Xolile was named after her grandmother from her paternal side of the family, plus she enjoys walking as walks are her spiritual connection.

Her gift also warns her about people as well, relationships included.

Source: ZAlebs