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The Khumalo Sisters, Zandie & Kelly Have Made Amends

The Khumalo sisters were once very close and inseparable. Together, they showed what sister love is but their relationship took a hard knock when Zandie shared an explosive letter accusing Kelly of numerous things and even said she was divorcing her

In her reality series, Life With Kelly, the Esiphambwaneni hitmaker revealed that she and Zandie Khumalo are in talking terms and have been for some time now.

Speaking to her mother, Ntombi Khumalo, Kelly said she felt as though she did not do much as a mother to ensure that they make amends.

“I’m at a point where I’m tired of being mad. It doesn’t serve me anymore and I think we should find an amicable way of dealing with each other. The biggest issue is I felt my mother wasn’t doing her part,” said Kelly.

Kelly then said she lost so much time with her Godson, whom she has never met, and three years with Zandie, “We haven’t had serious conversations, but we speak regularly. I feel like I’ve lost so much time, especially where my godson is concerned,” she added.

Kelly then revealed how she found out her sister was pregnant, “So I heard through the grapevine that my sister was pregnant. I haven’t met my godson but damn, I love that boy,” she declared.

“I lost three years of my relationship with my sister, I lost seven months of my relationship with my godson. I’m fighting for this to be done properly. So, that it never happens again.”

Months back, Zandie revealed that the kids, Christian Khumalo and Tingo Khumalo have spent some time with her son with husband Mhlo Gumede.

“As an adult and a parent I made a decision that my nephew and niece would never be affected by what’s going on between me and their mother, at least not from my side. I’m not going to deny them access to me or their cousin. That would be utterly cruel of me,” she wrote.

“The situation between me and their mother remains the same and my feelings remain the same. I got all your messages of excitement after seeing them together, they really warmed my heart, but what I noticed is that some took my post as a sign of reconciliation or some reunion between the two of us, but it was not. It was merely about the children.”

The last time Zandie gushed over Kelly was through an IG post during the highly publicized Senzo Meyiwa Trial. She showed her sister some support, “Till the wheels fall off mntakama (my sister).” She then added another lyric from her song, which says, “Uma ungidinga nje wena dali wongishayela iKhwela” translating to, “if you need me love, blow a whistle.”

“Let us forget about gossip people, my new song is out and it is hot! Even if I have to say so myself check it out on all digital platforms.”

Although Kelly revealed they are talking, Zandie’s posts made it seem as though they are still patching things, “God, wherever she is, continue to give her strength. Please keep our mother alive, she is very hopeful that one-day things will change for the better.”