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The mother of 10 is his side chick meet his real wife

There have been so many stories about this couple and fans have been left confused and not knowing what to believe anymore . They have been trending the past whole week because of breaking the record with the number of babies they made . People were so interested in knowing more about them and some even wanted to donate clothes and money .

But the stories that have been coming out are really confusing , people are not sure if it’s TRUE of not because you know that there are jealous people out here who just don’t want to see other people happy or doing well in life .

There is a woman who came out and claims that she is the real wife of this father of ten . She didn’t know her husband was cheating on her but she just show on social media her husband trending. That is where she found out the truth about everything. She said that the mother of ten is the side chick and she is the real wife.

People no longer know to believe anymore because the information is just too much at the same time .