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The Mother Of Lufuno’s Bully Breaks The Silence

The mother of the 14 year old learner from Mbilwi High school who was seen on the video beating up her fellow keanr have spoke on a video which was shared on Facebook by FlyingNews Live Updates and she was heartbroken after the whole thing happened.

Speaking through the video, the mother expressed her disappointment form her daughter’s behaviour and she said she was very disturbed when she saw the video as a parent who loves her child just like any other parent would.

“I wouldn’t say I am fine, I’m not 100% fine, we love our kids so much, you know the issue of girl power, there is a lot that we do as women, there is a lot that we try to teach our children, which makes it difficult to lose any,” the emotional woman said.

She said she was shattered when she saw the video while on her way to Polokwane and felt like a bomb exploded under her feet.

“I was on my way to Polokwane, I was shocked, I was disturbed I was embarrassed, I was mixed up, it was like a bomb just exploded under my feet, tears I was all over, traumatised, I started pacing, like in my mind I was like what is happening,” she added.

Asked what her daughter told her after the incident, she said there were issues they fought about the day before where they were swearing at each other, and she told her that she was in trouble.

“Apparently, the day before she went to school and she says here were. Some. Issue, the other one called the other line prostitute, she thinks all the boys belongs to her, so they fought about that, and she went to confront her, and someone placed a R5 bet where she said some said she will fight when she is confronted, when. She got there there were some swearing and she started beating the other child.

“I told her that it broke my heart, I t told her that she was in trouble,” she said while weeping.