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The New HIV Injection Drug that Has Finally Put a Smile on many faces across the World

HIV/Aids is one one of the biggest chronic diseases that is affecting the world’s population ever since it was discovered. All the countries are giving HIV treatment easily to people who require it most, it’s the only way to slow the high number of death caused by the virus.

There has been a conventional new approach that has brought hope back as there has been an injectable HIV medication introduced. This method seems to be more effective than any other daily pills that suppresses the HIV levels in the system. The good news is that the injection will only be taken once every month as opposed to the daily pills. This will injection will therefore reduce stigma on the system of those HIV victims. Unfortunately it will be a must that the injection is taken once a month in an hospital setup as it won’t be easy for each victim to inject him/herself.

Availability of the drug
Where can this injection be taken already? These combinations has been approved by regulators in America and Europe (United States, European Union and Canada) Recently the drug has also already been approved in some African countries such as our South Africa and Kenya. Africa is the most suffering continent when it comes to HIV/AIDS.

In Europe, the new injection combines two drugs named cabotegravir and rilpivirine ,Vocabria and Rekambys respectively. In North America and the African continent such as Kenya , the two drugs are used in one injection and given the name Cabenuva.