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The old man who went to Single and Mingle to look for a woman with a flat tummy

Single and Mingle is a South African show that plays on Mojalove on Saturdays. This is where people write in to seek for love from fellow singles. In this show, producers connect people and allow them to meet with cameras on blind dates. The singles meet up and decide if they are good for each other, or if they will continue with the relationship, based on the qualities of the person they met up with.

A woman who said she was 45 years old went to the show looking for love, and hoping to find the man of her dreams. She got there and found an old man who said he was 55 years old. His demands were too much even for viewers. It was even hard for viewers to believe that he is 55 years old, as he looked older than that.

He said he wanted a petite woman, and didn’t want a woman with a big belly. He continued to say he wanted someone who only has one child and nothing more than that. The woman reminded him that he was older and shouldn’t be making such demands for someone his age. She reminded him that he doesn’t even have teeth anymore. What did you think of the entire interview?