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The owner of the exclusive R30 million black Bugatti sported in South Africa revealed!

Through its 10-year cycle, only 450 Bugatti Veyrons were ever made,so you can be sure when this unicorn of a car is sported locally, Mzansi will react.

This was the case this week when one was sported cruising the streets in Johannesburg.

The Social Media Based Motoring Publication, Motor Magnet was first to upload pictures of the car after months of speculations and reported sightings of the special car.

It turns out this is not just any “old Bugatti”, but a very special Sang Noir edition at that.

Of which, only 12 examples were ever made, and all 12 cars featured a Jet Black exterior with exposed carbon fiber on the roof, hood/bonnet, and engine bay.

This 1/12 special edition car is worth about $2 million (R30 million), and seems to be the one which flew into Zambia last year.

The car was on the news last year after authorities seized a Bugatti Veyron that was imported into that country, pending investigations into possible money laundering.

The state investigative wing said that they had received “numerous concerns” from the public.

“Following the concerns raised, the commission is making follow ups to ensure that the purchase of the motor vehicle is not in breach of any money laundering laws,” the statement said.

The car is believed to be worth more than R30 million and the businessman who bought it was not officially identified.

According to autojosh.com, the identity of the mysterious business man and owner of the hypercar is Ian Chamunorwa Nyarungwe Haruper- a South African-based Zimbabwean businessman.

According to his online BIO, Mr. Ian C. Haruperi is a Managing Director at Chardore Holdings Ltd; and a Managing Director at Investor Link Minerals Ltd.

He is on the Board of Directors at Rainbow Tourism Group Ltd. Mr. Haruperi was previously employed as Independent Non-Executive Director by Hwange Colliery Co. Ltd.

He is also Director-Mining Procurement at Memotech Ltd., and Non-Executive Director by Hamilton Insurance Pvt Ltd.

He received his undergraduate degree from Middlesex University, Northwest London, England.

Some reports suggest that, Mr. Ian C. Haruperi operates as a loan-shark in Lusaka.

Former FAZ president, Kalusha Bwalya

This followed an incident in 2012 where Haruperi reposed and sold a mansion belonging to the president of Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), Kalusha Bwalya after he failed to repay a US$26, 250 loan he had taken from Haruperi.

Kalusha Bwalya borrowed US$ 26,000 from Haruperi in 2008, and placed his mansion as collateral in Woodlands. In 2012, Mr Kalusha Bwalya challenged the reposetion of his house and lost the case at high court.

This is not the first Veyron spotted in South Africa, another one- a bugatti veyron mansory was sported in Cape Town last year.