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The person recording this needs to be arrested, see what this man is doing to his girlfriend


This is a warning to a young girl or young woman to stay away from abusive relationships, marriage is not forced, these are the words in marriage for the worst, this does not mean you should accommodate abusive partners.

It is sad to see that domestic violence has not diminished in any way. In the video that has just been leaked, it appears the man has not yet offered her and has already started beating her.

The only thing that ever made sense was for a woman to beat another woman. There are many ways you can get a woman on her knees or curse her, depending on the situation. One thing is for sure: hitting her is not an option available to you. When you watch the video you give, you will witness what the man did to his partner, and it hurts. This is due to the fact that they are weaker vessels compared to others. And because she had no power to defend herself, the man struck her with great force.

When asked about the video, most people said they did not have a problem with the man who bullied his girlfriend, but they did have a problem with the man who recorded the movie. They insist he should be the one to be arrested in this context. In the end, what is the point to resume video them when they are Be able to physically separate or prevent them from fighting?

To watch the video, please click here.