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The Queen November Spoilers:Vuyiswa Gets R_ped

Thando and Schumacher will face off this month! She doesn’t approve of him dating her little sister and will want him to drop Mpho, which he’ll eventually do because Thando tends to play dirty.

Schumacher will dump Mpho because he doesn’t want to die.

Who r_ped You?

Hector and Georgina are going to get worried when Vuyiswa disappears. She’s going to shut out her trauma and push everyone in her life away. Get ready for a different and wilder Vuyiswa this month as she’s going to take on a new personality that will startle the people around her.

She’s going to jeopardise her career and do everything to avoid facing the truth about what happened to her. She will also take her pain out on everyone around her.

Her behaviour will continue to puzzle everyone around her. Georgina will eventually find out what happened to her and will try to convince her to lay a charge against her attacker.

Their jobs (Vuyiswa and Georgina’s) will be on the line.

Thato is going to host another event that will force Vuyiswa to come face to face with her demons. The question is: can Vuyiswa confront her own pain and fears to help the other r_pe victims?

Their secret plan to expose the culprit will backfire.

Who do you guys suspect may have r_ped Detective Vuyiswa Maake? Watch The Queen on Mzansi Magic next month to find out.

– IHarare