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The Queen: Why Brenda Ngxoli’s Character Is Useless

When viewers of The Queen first heard that the Ferguson’s bagged Brenda Ngxoli’s for season five, they were thrilled and had another reason to watch the show besides Brutus.

However, those hopes were dashed Brenda joined the show and appeared out of character, uninteresting and uninterested. Brenda plays Noma who is Harriet’s Khoza old friend. She is hated by Brutus because of the way she betrayed Harry previously. But that hatred will soon be a thing of the past as Brutus is going to declare his undying love for Noma towards the end of October.

So, what happened to Brenda Ngxoli on The Queen? Why has she become stale and uneventful as her previous award-winning roles?

I would’ve put the blame on Ngxoli if she was the only character that wasn’t cracking her role but I won’t, everyone isn’t as polished as we know them. From Rapulana Seiphemo’s character, Jessica Nkosi… it’s the script and story line that’s just costing the show ratings.

Ngxoli is a 3time, SAFTA award-winning actress but has nothing to show for it, she’s just there to boost Connie Ferguson’s egotistical character; Harriet Khoza because there’s too many men in the Khoza mansion. See why they shouldn’t have killed Dineo Langa’s character, because now Harriet is lonely and needs another woman to talk to? It’s supposed to be the other way around because Connie Ferguson has never received an award.

Brenda was even nominated for an Emmy award for her role as Vuyo on Home affairs. She’s been on Ses Topla, Rockville, The River and iThemba, and many more shows, where audiences couldn’t get enough of her.

If she’d maybe came as Dambisa Dikana from The River or been Patronella’s sister we would’ve had a different conversation because she would have been fire.

The Ferguson’s are chasing clout, wasting her talent on The Queen which is a pity because they worked together on Rockville before and they were absolutely amazing.