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The Real Reason Bathabile Dlamini’s Health Is Failing Her

Bathabile Dlamini is a well-known member of the African National Congress, she is also in the National Assembly, has had reports came out about her this afternoon saying that she has been hospitalized because of Covis-19.

It is widely believed that she loves Alcohol, and we all know how booze and the corona virus do not get along, but those are just conspiracies that no one knows about, as no one who claims that she does is part of her immediate family. Dlamini is the leader of the women’s league everyone is wishing her a speedy recovery even though she is controversial, she has a good heart. Her health is failing her terribly, but she is in people’s prayers.

Covid-19 is real, people should always try to protect themselves from the disease at all times, but surely Bathabile was vaccinated, it was also reported that the delta variant of the virus can hospitalize you even though you received the jab or the shot from Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson.

The ANC has already lost a lot from Jacob Zuma being imprisoned to Ace Magashule being suspended, so is Supra Mahomapelo from the North West and Zandile Gumede the MEC of Ethekwini is also going through storms, but it seems as if only the older generation is falling and it is the beginning of the new era.

Covid-19 does not play games, if people do not take it seriously they are likely to suffer the consequences that come with it. She is the kind of person who is strong, she will beat this virus and continue to do her duties in the ANC.

The worst will not happen, she will live, as she is a very powerful woman with a lot of resources so she can buy her best medical doctors who will be able to help her out with her condition.