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The Real Reason Brenda Ngxoli Joined The Queen

A lot of people have been wondering why the multi-award-winning Brenda Ngxoli took the role of Noma on The Queen because she’s not as spectacular as we know her. In fact, this is the worst character she’s ever played yet.

Brenda disappeared from our screens to pursue farming a few years ago. She bought a farm and became a migrant laborer in the Eastern Cape so that she could take care of her family. She then came back to Johannesburg after she felt like she did enough for her family but struggled to get another main role for a while.

Before the farming and the awards, Brenda was just an actress who just wanted to act. She auditioned for her role in Rockville which was produced by the Ferguson’s and won her first SAFTA for that role. In one of her interviews, Brenda said she acknowledges the huge role that the Fergusons have played in her career.

So, she took the role of Noma because she apparently feels like she owes them, according to her statement. She didn’t want to play the Brenda we know because she wanted to be different.

But different isn’t really paying off for her or the show is it?

We’d much rather have preferred Brenda to stay on the farm or go back to being a calling-cast on The River as Dambisa than watch Noma speaking English and being Harriet’s shadow. It’s appalling!

The Real Reason Brenda Ngxoli Joined The Queen is because she was excited to join the show as she’s never been in a telenovela she claims, which is ludicrous because The River is also a telenovela.

She should be Harriet Khoza’s boss and teach her how to act, how to cry for an on-screen daughter you fired for example. Harriet should be making tea for Noma, not the other way round. Brenda was desperate for a job and took this job even though it’s beneath her and it’s disturbing to watch.