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The Real Reason Why Melusi Gigaba Refused a Divorce Initially

She asked the former minister a divorce back in 2019. According to a Source he refused because of spousal privilege of not having having norma testify against him at state capture inquiry. Norma did not mind up until last year scandals.

Norma could not take it anymore as the man he fell in love with was not showing any affection towards her and the court cases made matters worse.

She could not stand the relationship anymore as it was becoming too toxic. It did not look right in front of the kids.

According to a reliable source Norma will detail how the Guptas did favours for Malusi and why she was arrested at the in last year(2020), and how Gigaba bullied her out of going to testify at the state capture.

He allegedly told her to dropped the inquiry appearance and, in return Gigaba will drop the charges against her. She refused a source said.

She found out about the Malusi Gigaba divorcing her though the Sunday papers.

They were allegedly not sleeping together for two year when the divorce came.

Gigaba’s spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize said they will only respond to allegation after the Norma’s testimony at the Zondo commission for now there is nothing to say.