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The Relationship Of Ayanda Ncwane And Desmond Dube

We have been Ayanda Ncwane with Desmond Dube on our TV screens for months now, and the type of relationship they have is healthy one.

Ayanda Ncwane widow of the late gospel singer has been on every Clientele life cover advert for months now. It looks like she joined Desmond Dube and Lilian Dube on being ambassadors for Clientele.

The relationship that they have is a healthy as people who work together for clientele. They seem like good friends and people who enjoy each other’s companies. We have seen their pictures together for months now.

These people are proud ambassadors of clientele and she should only be looked at ambassadors and friends who work together nothing more nothing less. Although we would like them if they don’t get too much serious on work.

The main point is that the relationship of Ayanda and Desmond is just a friendship or people working together.