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The Royal Family Owns A Diamond Worth R71 Billion That Was STOLEN From South Africa

The Queen of England owns a diamond worth approximately 5 billion dollars which is around 71 Billion in South African rands. This diamond is called the Cullinan diamond and thats because it was mined after Thomas Cullinan who was a South African diamond magnate he discovered the largest diamond ever here in South Africa.

The Cullinan was then presented it to Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom by The transvaal colony in 1907. The diamond was than passed on to Queen Elizabeth. The reason why it is said that the diamond is stolen is because of the circumstances surrounding it’s discovery. It all happened around the time seclusion of black people and other races had began. South Africa was also still a colony of the British Empire,

theoretically the diamond does not belong to them because they discovered it in land that they were oppressing. Recently the British Empire has been returning stolen artifacts from Nigeria and other Countries that they had stolen from and it is only right that they bring back what is ours too. The diamond is of more value to us than it is to them. Below are some peoples reactions to a tweet that shared this story. Many support this and believe the diamond should be returned