Home News The truth about TB Joshua’s children’s he had outside of marriage revealed

The truth about TB Joshua’s children’s he had outside of marriage revealed

Even though TB Joshua had three children with his official wife Evelyn, it is not a secret that he has kids with other women too.

Who are his children?

“Solomon Let the family mourn a bit. What you are doing is out of character. I support your initiatives, but attacking a dead man is not appropriate. Please, Sir, relax. If you take heed to what I say, I will know you mean well. There’s a time for everything. Your timing is off tune at the moment. Relax, apologize if you have to. I love you Bro.

And remember when the devil can’t make you fall, he distracts you. If that doesn’t work, this also fails, he accuses you until to the point of trying to kill you…… T.B Joshua is running his race and he is where he is. I believe in the chest of Abraham.

Uncle Sol is not afraid of the dead and his family and he doesn’t even care who says what. Remember this is his page and if the kitchen is too hot for you guys, go outside and take a chill pill🙄…. He speaks the truth from his heart without a shadow of doubt… So all of you people who say he must rest… You, too, should refrain from visiting his page and mind your own business…. perhaps you are possessed and on certain religious drugs…. rest haters of religious drugs are too strong, as we are well aware…Keep on keeping posting Uncle Sol.

So what??If he had, what is your problem? Why are you scared of a prophet who is already dead? What is going to benefit from these writings? shameful person.

They killed Jesus only in the name of correcting the church of God while they were serving the prince of Persia… so do not be surprised. People like him must also testify falsely that the scriptures can be fulfilled. “said a Facebook follower