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The Truth About The Man Who Looks Like Ramaphosa, Here’s What Was Found About Him

A lot of people have already seen this video and there are already assumptions, a lot of assumptions. This is not as deep as some people have made it seem, this video made it to Twitter on Sunday and immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Some people were not sure what to think, looking at the video, the man really looks like president CyrilRamaphosa, there is no doubt, one thing is that it cannot be Ramaphosa, there is no way that it is him, so is it Ramaphosa’s brother?

Does Ramaphosa even have a brother? That is the thing, he actually does and this is something that a lot of people probably did not know.

The name is Douglas Ramaphosa, he is the president’s brother and no, he is not the man in the video, whoever the man is in the video, he is not in any way, related to Ramaphosa.

And it even could be that the video was edited, people have been shocked by the video, thinking that it is Ramaphosa, which is weird.

Even Ramaphosa’s brother does not look exactly like him, this was not supposed to be confusing, but it was and maybe there has to be some clarity from the person who made the video.

It would not be a surprise if a lot of people strongly believe that the video was tampered with. But then, it could be that the man is Ramaphosa’s doppelgänger, people actually look the same, this happens a lot, you might come across someone who looks like you and yet you are not related to them.

Now, it is interesting what happens in the video, the Ramaphosa look-alike is seen with a young girl and they are at some party or event.

The man looks wasted, he is just there, saying nothing as the girl takes a video, the girl saw an opportunity to cause a stir on social media and she did. What do you think about this?